recycle, reuse, repurpose, repair and restore

Creative Recycling has been active for 15+ years

Our mission is to Creatively Recycle preloved and waste materials: recycle, reuse, repurpose, repair and restore.
We believe in reducing our consumption, but feel that the producers need to change their behaviour as well as the consumers.
This year we are keen to promote ‘Creation to Compost’. Even though we are extending the life of products by creatively recycling them, many of the materials we end up with will still be around for centuries.
What we want to see is responsible and accountable production and for manufacturers and producers to have ‘Extended Product Responsibility’ in the sense that if something is not compostable or biodegradeable that the producer/manufacturer has to have it back and that there has to be concerted effort to find ‘good’ materials. There needs to be more environmental auditing and possibly penalties or taxes for failure to improve.
In celebration of Creative Recycling’s activities, we have here a collage of some of what we have creatively recycled over the years.

This year’s project 2019 is ‘Ringo, the Cardinal Beetle’ made from preloved trampoline, caravan roof, car headlights, aviary wire, overalls and bed slats, along with papier mache made from shredded office waste. Ringo serves as an all-weather shelter with seating made from more trampoline parts and was shown at the Green Futures Field at Glastonbury Festival.
Some of the things we have recycled over the years:
Shredded office paper, old doors, metal teapots, broken watering cans and water barrels, car parts including hub caps, inner tubes, water pipe, wire fencing, beer cans, plastic bottles, traffic cones, plastic and metal chairs, bicycle wheels and spokes and handle bars, food cans and jars, milk bottle tops, aviary wire, gas pipe off cuts, curtains, office tables, mobile phones, cds, fire extinguisher, washing machine, net curtains, aquaponic tubes and siphons, wheelbarrow, mannequins, clothes and boots, hanging baskets, The Guardian newspaper, TVs, caravans, tent poles, vacuum cleaner, inner tubes, copper tank, wheelchair wheels, army tarpaulins, parachute, windsurfer sail, paraglider wings, cast iron cogs, tv antennae pole, pram wheels, windsurfing pole, JiF lemons, double glazing units, calor gas bottles, metal springs, metal bucket, shed, mountain rescue boards, bread baskets, broom, warning triangle and old signs, toilet seats, pillow cases, police helmet, riot shield and vinyl records. This is what we remember but sure there is more.