Creative Recycling

Ailgylchu Creadigol

What is Creative Recycling?

To us it is using the rubbish in the environment to create something new and different, used in art and in functional items.  Making something beautiful, fun and of value.  Extending the life of second hand and abandoned articles before they go to landfill.  Making the environment better and encouraging people to think past mass produced items.

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See some of our Creative Recyclers’ creations;

Glastonbury Festival 2017


On ebay alone there are 5,872 results for trampolines or parts. This week there are

333 12ft trampolines for sale. That’s a lot of trampolines.

A few years ago you could get some money back for the metal, but the price of metal is so low now that you would barely cover your fuel taking the metal to the scrapyard. Plus the metal is hard to recycle as it’s galvanized – so it’s a good idea to reuse them as this metal lasts for ages. Faced with a dilemma …of preloved, redundant trampolines: with metal poles, bounce mats, springs, netting and other associated bits that need to be recycled, Phil of Creative Recycling felt inspired to see what he could create out of redundant trampolines.

Articles that look good but also have functionality. In addition Phil came up with the names for

the designs, using parts of the word trampoline in the name. The trampolines have either

been donated, found on Freecycle or the odd one has been picked up off the

mountain having been windblown. See the full gallery here

Mobile Mobile Mobile      

Bobby Pig                         


Boris the Fish